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just thinking

Women have acheived so much and yet, they are still degraded in society today. Especially in the media.
82 years ago, we were granted the right to vote, 42 years ago, the Civil Rights Act passed that outlawed sex discrimination, 31 since women have had the right to legally chose abortion, 18 since the Supreme Court declared Sexual Harrassment a form of illegal job discrimination, 10 since the VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN ACT passed, and 7 since the Supreme Court ruled that all college athletic programs must have an equal amount of male and female participants.
Despite everything the female population has strived to acheive, a lot of women today exploit their bodies and disrespect themselves in either music videos, corporate ads, or even things like prostitution. Which brings me to another point, all these fucking rap stars also degrade the female population by referring to us as their "bitches" and "ho's." WHAT THE FUCK. Is that all we are to them? I doubt they'd talk about their mothers that way. I mean, ok sex is a natural and beautiful thing. It is. But women are more than just objects of merely that.

come on, now.
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